If your energy runs out, you can buy more depending on your VIP level. Gem amount goes up by 5 each purchase.
Character : You can change your avatar and border here.
Commander Rank : Upon meeting the reuirements, you can upgrade your commanders rank. Each rank allows for more eaned reputation on daily login.
When the image is grey, you have reached max level, or do not meet the requirements.
Leadership : Increase leadership level to increase the amount of ships led. Leader level cannot exceed commander level.
When you have no leadership books you see this, or else 1 book is used to attempt to increase level.
When the arrow is grey, it is because you have reached max leadership level.
Reputation : Current reputation level. Needed to increase technologies.
When the image is grey, it is not accessible.
Skills : This is where you can access and increase commander skills with honor medals.
Social : This is where you can access your friends list, give out and recieve intimacy(hearts), and claim intamacy rewards.