Character Menu : Allows you to view your character. You can upgrade reputation, leadershipand title. It is also where you access your skills and the friends list (Social - Intimacy) -
Level Progress Bar : Displays your current level and the amount of experience your character has until it's next level.
Energy : Displays the amount of energy currently available.
Gems : The amount of available gems you currently own.
Iron : The amount of available iron you currently own.
Silicon : The amount of available silicon you currently own.
Gold : The amount of available gold you currently own.
Oil : The amount of available oil you currently own.
Uranium : The amount of available uranium you currently own.
Server time : This is the server time, get familiar with this as all events are based against this time.
VIP: This is your VIP level, as you gain VIP you open the abilty for new slots in construction and research. -
Assistant: This is your assistant.
Prosperity: Increase properity by upgrading buildings. The higher the prosperity, the better the buffs for resources and ships.
Power Increase Guide: DIsplays different ways to increase power, as well as showing your current power.
Mission: This is where you claim rewards for your progress in the game.
Logistics Center: Contains the menus for Activation, Shipping, Growth Plan, Charge, Recruiting, Gift Codes, and Daily Gift.
Event: Where the lotto is held, among many, many other in game events. (Recharge relay, War maniac, Lucky Draw, Charge Rebate, Time-limited double, Accumulation recharge, Dark Rebirth, Flash Sale, Experience Joy, Rapid armament, Rapid building, Time-limited, Rapid technology etc)
Island Status: Quick button to island status. 0/5 Displays the current resource output buffs. Provides information about current resource supplies, active buffs, and facilities(construction).
Status/Buffs: Quick button to Status. 0/8 Displays the current ship buffs. Provides information about current resource supplies, active buffs, and facilities(construction).
Workshop Production: Displays the status of the current buff, module, or ship part being developed.
Science Lab: Quick button for the science lab. Current technology being upgraded is displayed here.
Shipyard Production: Quick button for shipyard. Current ships being built are displayed here.
Construction: Quick button for buildings. Current constructions are displayed here.
VIP Construction Slot: When you reach the requirement, a new construction slot can be bought here.
Mystery Gift: Recieve a random free gift when the timer reches zero.
Reinforcements: Recieve reinforcements when the timer expires. Only available for new accounts.
Tasks: Displays the current main task.
Chat: World chat, alliance chat, and personal messaging are all found here.
Friends Help: Go here to help your friends by decreasing their build time.
Port: Takes you to your Resources and to the World map. The lights underneath signify which area you are in.
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Mail: This is where you recieve mail from system, friends, alliance leaders, escort, scout reports, and attack and defense reports.
Parts: Upgrade and strengthen your ships parts here. Combine cranks and modules here as well.
Rankings: Go here to find out who the top 100 players on the server are.
Help: Here you can find some useful and confusing game information ;)
Options : Here you can access game options, like turing off the music and notifications.